Nephew was born and raised in San Francisco, California, but now resides in Seattle, Washington. He has enjoyed international music and culture since his youth and began traveling around the world during his college years.

After falling in love with Kizomba music and dance, Nephew quickly obtained Instructor Training from some of the most prestigious and well-loved Kizomba master-instructors, Mestre Petchu and Vanessa Pura Ginga from Lisbon, Portugal by way of Angola.

Nephew was fortunate to have spent 6 months traveling and exploring on an educational trip throughout six different countries in southern Africa several years back. This trip gave Nephew his first in-person encounter with the traditional African rhythms at the core of Kizomba.

More recently, Nephew spent 6 months in South America where he started a Kizomba dance community from the ground up. Immediately following this trip, Nephew endeavored to expand his dance vocabulary further by traveling extensively throughout Europe, with training stops in Portugal, France and Spain and now has over 150 hours of dance instructor training.

Nephew’s favorite part of teaching is allowing students to explore the beauty of a strong connection to both the music and to their partner on the social dance floor. Nephew offers personal dance instruction, specializing in musicality and creative Afrocentric dances and movements (including Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Semba, Afro House and Salsa). Enjoy the site and be sure to check out the media section.